Join us for a celebration of San Diego seafood – and that cute little fairy shrimp!

San Diego Fishing Boat

Seafood is a huge industry in San Diego. But for some reason, it isn’t widely recognized.  That’s why we chose to present the San Diego Seafood Festival.  It’s a celebration of our city’s seafood industry and the many ways it is prepared.  San Diego is home to many cultures, and each culture has its signature dishes.

San Diego Crawfish


It’s what’s hot in seafood.  And we’ll be featuring hot, freshly boiled crawfish delivered fresh from south Louisiana and prepared on site.  Reserved seating attendees will have crawfish served at their table as part of their admission.  General admission attendees may purchase crawfish, along with other delicacies from local vendors.  And what goes best with crawfish – beer!

San Diego Fairy Shrimp


OK – so what is a Fairy Shrimp and why is he part of this event?

If you’ve lived in San Diego for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of this little guy.  For someone so small, he wields a lot of power.  Fairy Shrimp live in vernal pools all over San Diego.  Many of them make their home in or near our event site in Mira Mesa.  Fairy shrimp are an endangered species.  No, really – most of the vernal pools that they call home were destroyed in the building boom beginning in the late 1960’s.  To save them from extinction, they and their vernal pools are protected.  And that means, any construction project in San Diego is subject to review to be certain that it will not disturb or damage a fairy shrimp habitat.  The San Diego Seafood and Fairy Shrimp Festival is a fundraiser for NOLAH, a non-profit dedicated to assisting homeowners with rebuilding after disaster.  Since NOLAH is all about construction, the fairy shrimp seemed an appropriate mascot for the event.  And he’s a pretty cool little guy, too.  You can find out more about him at the festival.